SolTricks is a tool that connect different Solana Dapps together. Using our user interface to create all kinds of Tricks.

How SolTricks Works?

Solana is different from other EVM compatible chain. In Solana, a Transaction can include multiple Instructions at once. For example, if users wanted to send a batch of ERC20 token to multiple accounts. They need a contract deployed on chain, approve that contract to access their token, but these step cost lots of gas and may encounter security problems.

However in Solana's protocol design, there is a very easy way to transfer tokens to multiple accounts. Our tool put multiple Instructions together in one Transaction, we provides Tricks for end-users to build there own Transactions.

What is the risk of using SolTricks?

  • We have deployed a Lottery contract on chain, there isn't any audit yet. Since it's not for a big amount of token locked inside. Make sure you know that this Lottery is not a tool for being rich.

  • We are not responsible for other Dapps' bugs and security issue. We choose Dapps that we uses and trust, but that is not guaranteed to be safe.

As always DYOR "Do Your Own Research" before using our tool.

What can I do with SolTricks?

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